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Bouillante, the green destination of Guadeloupe, untouched by pollution, is a paradise for nature lovers!

On the Caribbean seaside, numerous activities are offered: sea kayaking, scuba diving (world-renowned), excursions, or game fishing tours!

On the land side, you'll have the opportunity to explore numerous waterfalls and rivers that sculpted the ancient volcanoes. The fauna and flora in the canyons of this National Park are exceptional. Take a swim in the natural pools where the fresh water is warm!

How to collect your rental car in Bouillante?

Car rental at BouillanteThe rental agencies from the Rentîles network can deliver your car right to your residence or hotel. The prices listed include potential delivery fees. You can fully enjoy your holiday without worry.

Tip: if you’re traveling during the peak season, the earlier you book your car, the lower the prices will be. In December or January, it's sometimes impossible to find a rental car at the last minute.

What to do in Bouillante?

If you visit in June, don't miss the Nautical Fair: exhibitions, initiations, competitions. Everything comes together to offer you a fantastic day!

You can also enjoy two marked hiking trails to admire the sea and the mountains with breathtaking views:

It’s highly recommended to leave your vehicle at the destination or plan a round-trip as the two trails do not loop back to their start point.

BouillanteThe Parc des Mamelles is a zoo in Guadeloupe housing 85 rare or endangered species from Guyana and Guadeloupe. It’s located within 4 hectares of tropical forest.
A visit lasts 2 hours, during which you will discover all the beauty and diversity of the local fauna. It’s even possible to walk on suspended bridges at a height of 20 meters to get a glimpse of wild orchids and pineapples.

Visit our interactive map of Guadeloupe to unveil all the activities and points of interest around Bouillante!

FAQ Car Rental Guadeloupe

All car rental agencies in Guadeloupe (except perhaps peer-to-peer rentals) include unlimited mileage on the island.

Guadeloupe experiences very high seasonality: from December to April, many French or American tourists visit the island to enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean. This is when prices are highest, and it is not uncommon for no cars to be available for rent during the peak season. It is highly recommended to book as early as possible to avoid such disappointment.
The Rentîles website brings together about fifty rental agencies on the island and displays the best prices according to the providers. Rentîles very (very) regularly displays the best prices on the island: in just three clicks, it will be easy to obtain the cheapest rate still available.

Rentîles' rental engine assigns a rating out of 5 to each rental agency. This rating is the average of the scores left by previous renters. Therefore, it is possible to compare rental offers not only by price but also according to their rating.
The "Our recommendation" button calculates the best value for money and thus recommends the provider with the best ratings for a competitive price.

All travel guides will tell you: renting a car in Guadeloupe is essential to fully enjoy your stay. On foot, it will be difficult to get around on an island of 1400 km2 (540 square miles), taxis are relatively expensive, and public transportation is almost non-existent.

The required documents are the same as in mainland France: a valid driver's license (a photocopy is rarely accepted) and a credit card for the security deposit. Be sure to check the minimum age and years of driving experience required in the "Details" tab of each offer.

The roads in Guadeloupe are often hilly, and the slopes can be quite steep. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid category A vehicles (such as Renault Twingo, Kia Picanto, Peugeot 108, etc.) which may not have a powerful enough engine to handle the terrain. Additionally, if you have more than two people in your group, keep in mind that you will need to transport luggage upon arrival and departure. Choosing a vehicle with a spacious trunk is advised.

Few rental companies currently offer electric vehicles in Guadeloupe, and for good reason: not all accommodations are equipped with charging stations, and there are currently only a few fast-charging stations available in parking lots or at gas stations. Therefore, it is not recommended to rent an electric vehicle in Guadeloupe at this time due to limited charging infrastructure.

The deductible is the maximum amount to be paid in the event of an at-fault accident or an accident without an identified third party. This amount is specified in the details of each offer. In practice, if you scratch the car and the repair costs only a hundred euros, then you will have to pay the rental company this amount. However, if you are involved in a more severe accident resulting in significant damage, the repair costs will be limited to the deductible amount (usually around 1000€) as long as you comply with the road code and the rental company's terms and conditions.
To avoid any inconvenience or unexpected expenses, you have the option to subscribe to our "deductible reimbursement" insurance. This way, you can be reimbursed for the deductible amount and ensure that an unfortunate accident does not spoil your vacation..

Whether you fill up at the airport gas station or in the countryside, the price will be the same. It is identical throughout the island and is set by a Prefectoral Decree. Additionally, in Guadeloupe, an attendant is available to assist you at the gas station. Simply wait in front of the pump, and they will serve you.