the Rentîles platform team

L'équipe Rentîles !

Who are we?

Rentîles was created and is managed by the web agency SpeedyWeb, a creative and passionate team. The idea comes from a natural evolution for SpeedyWeb, a specialist in rental site management for independents. Over the years, we have made a simple observation: there is no affordable and efficient reservation system for independent rental companies. So we created the Rentîles network where independents from the Antilles and the Indian Ocean can offer their rental offers to Internet users while benefiting from visibility comparable to large brands.

What is Rentîles?

Rentîles allows you to compare the offers of independent renters but also to rent online directly from them. Rentîles only provides the technical support for booking and you rent under the renter's conditions. Each rental company benefits from its own payment interface, you really rent without any intermediary! The rental companies present offer a variety of offers that meet all needs and are a real alternative to the large brands that all offer more or less the same thing. Renting on Rentîles means supporting the local economy and employment!

Unique services!

Save time with Rentîles! No need to spend hours browsing rental sites, compare and filter directly the best offers from renters and book your car in less than two minutes! Rentîles' intuitive interface allows you to do all this quickly and without difficulty, the ultra-simple registration form will allow you to quickly reach the last step of your reservation.
No surprises! Rentîles' ultra-modern system informs you about rates and stocks in real-time! No risk of overbooking! You clearly have the general rental conditions of the renter and the available options are theirs. Rentîles does not offer you optional "in-house" insurance, these are the renter's. The conditions of acceptance are clearly indicated on the site and taxes are always included. The price you pay will really be the cost of your rental without hidden fees.

For professionals

This is the opportunity to create a new flow of customers quickly and without investment!

The team from the web agency SpeedyWeb provides you with a modern reservation center capable of competing with the large rental brands. A significant number of car rentals take place on the Internet, give your business the best tools and trust the Rentîles network!

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