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Book your rental car online at the best price, thanks to Rentiles network. Our negotiated rates with the best local rental companies, are within the cheapest on the market! Compare and book directly online via our search module above.

How to hire a car in Saint-Benoit?

Location de voiture à Saint-BenoîtYou compare our deals and choose your vehicle from the list, then give us your details. A rental agent will have your car ready and available at your previously choosen delivery address.

A simple deposit of €100 is required for bookings over €150.

Discover the town of Saint-Benoit

With about 35,000 inhabitants, Saint-Benoit is the third most important town on the Reunion Island. The climate is tropical (100 days of rain per year) the opposite to Saint Paul.

Located about forty kilometers from the city of Saint-Denis, in the east of the island, Saint-Benoit has a particular relief made of low plains and steep mountains. In the town itself, you can visit the church, where you can see a large fresco, reflecting the daily life of the benedictine monks.Saint-Benoit In front of the church, you will notice a classified fountain with a cast iron tank, a classified historical monument. In another style, you can visit the River of Mât Distillery, the greatest producer on the Reunion Island, which offers 4 visits a day and produces 80,000 bottles of white rum a day!

On the coast, you can discover the fishing bichiques, small fish sold in the town market, a speciality of Reunion.

FAQ Car Rental Reunion

Fortunately, all car rental agencies in Réunion offer unlimited mileage on their vehicles. Only perhaps private rentals might be an exception to this rule. This allows you to travel all over the island without any surprises!

The island of Réunion is very popular with tourists in October/November/December, especially during the world-famous Grand Raid. During this period, prices can rise sharply, and it is not uncommon for a shortage of rental cars to occur at this time. The earlier you book your rental, the more likely you are to get a competitive price.
Fortunately, Rentîles compares about forty rental agencies in Réunion and offers you the best rate or the best value for money (option "Our recommendation").

Did you see an attractive offer but aren't familiar with the rental agency? It's normal, as independent agencies not affiliated with a large brand are common on the island. Their prices are often lower, but how can you be sure of their services? Aware of this issue, Rentîles has put two tools at your disposal. Rental agencies are rated out of 5 by former renters to help you compare the services of different companies. The "Our recommendation" button, on the other hand, ranks the best rental agencies with competitive prices.

The island of Réunion is twenty times larger than the capital, so choosing not to rent a means of transportation would mean missing out on a lot of what Réunion has to offer. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to rent a vehicle to make the most of your vacation on the island.

The legislation is the same as in mainland France: to rent a vehicle, you must present a valid driver's license (that meets the rental conditions requirements) and a credit/debit card for the deposit. Please note that the deposit can exceed 1000 euros, so it is advisable to inform your bank a few days before picking up the vehicle.

Unlike in mainland France, electric vehicles are not yet popular on the island of Réunion, and for good reason: few gas stations or parking lots are equipped with charging stations. To avoid any inconvenience, it is currently not recommended to rent an electric vehicle in this region.

ust like with your car insurance contract, the rental agency has a deductible that may be higher or lower. On Rentîles, this is indicated in the "Details" section. The deductible is the amount to be paid if the cost of repairs resulting from an at-fault accident or an accident without an identified third party is higher than the deductible amount. Otherwise, the renter will only pay the cost of the repairs. The Rentîles platform offers, for a few euros per day, the option to protect yourself from such a scenario by getting reimbursed for the deductible amount in case of an accident.

In Réunion, as in other overseas departments, gas prices are set monthly by a prefectural decree. Therefore, there is no need to compare prices, as they will be the same from one station to another.