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You arrive in Mauritius and would like to visit all four corners of the island? Hire a car on your arrival at Plaisance Airport with Rentiles, local car rental companies are selected to offer the best service at the lowest price!

Looking to hire a good value car at Plaisance Airport?

Before, escaping from big brands with high rental prices and long counter queues was'nt easy. Today with Rentiles, you can rent a car online in Mauritius, with a local company of your choice!

Even better! To retain your vacation budget, a deposit of only a €100 is sufficient to book your car online, if the overall amount exceeds €150.

Hire a car in Mauritius online

Location de voiture à l'Île MauriceChoosing a company on Rentiles network, engages a trustworthy and personnalized welcome when you get off the plane. An agent awaits you at the exit of the luggage hall to escort you to your rental car, saving you on taxi fares and long waits at the airport.

For a greater service, do not forget to indicated your flight number, therefore the rental agent will be informed of any flight delays upon your arrival. To hire a car in Mauritius, a national license is sufficient, for a period less than one month.

Tourism in Mauritius

Tourism in Mauritius is constantly developing, it's not a coincidence as the quality of the structures meet worldwide standards! A postcard landscape, superb hotels, friendly local people await you for an unforgettable vacation.  It's an excellent place for honeymoons with dreamful beaches, gastronomy, incredible hospitality and sumptuous sunsets to delight lovers.

If you fancy some activities, there is of course, the relaxing seaside. Also, you can enjoy surfing on the Indian Ocean from June to August! If you wish to discover the deap blue ocean, go diving or snorkelling, from Septembre to December.
A luxurious destination, golf enthusiasts will find no less than 11 different golf courses and all belonging to hotels. Ask the hotel receptionist beforehand about availability, as customers have priority on the golf courses.

D'ont forget to visit the capitale Port-Louis! You can go partying and participate in interesting tours. The market is popular and the Chinatown is very lively, and a must to see!

FAQ Car Rental in Mauritius

All car rental agencies on Rentîles offer rentals with unlimited mileage, as is the case for most rental agencies in Mauritius. This allows you to explore your destination without worrying about the distance you cover.

Car rental rates in Mauritius can vary significantly depending on the season. During the busiest months (from December to April), prices gradually increase, and it can be challenging to find an available rental car.
It is strongly recommended to book your vehicle as soon as you have confirmed your stay and purchased your plane tickets. While there are numerous car rental websites available, Rentîles stands out as the only platform that compares about twenty car rental agencies in Mauritius, guaranteeing the best prices.

There are indeed more than a hundred car rental agencies in Mauritius, and many of them may not be widely known despite providing excellent service. That's why Rentîles allows former renters to rate the performance of rental agencies. Each offer is assigned a rating out of 5 based on customer feedback, providing valuable information for making a better choice. It's important to note that customer reviews on Rentîles are not moderated by the platform. Rentîles' search engine also provides the option to sort offers using the "Our recommendation" button, which displays offers with the best rating for a competitive price. This feature helps you find the most highly recommended rental agencies based on customer reviews and overall value for money.

It is highly recommended to rent a car in Mauritius to fully explore all the wonders the island has to offer. With its white sandy beaches, rocky shores, and hidden coves, it would be impossible to visit them all on foot or rely solely on public transportation. Taxi prices can be high, and the bus network is still relatively basic. Having a rental car allows you to optimize your holiday experience, as hitchhiking is not commonly practiced in Mauritius.

To rent a car in Mauritius, you will need to provide your driver's license, passport, and a credit/debit card for the deposit. The deposit for the vehicle can range from 700€ (for small vehicles) to over 2000€, so it is advised to check with your bank beforehand to ensure that you have a sufficient limit to cover this deposit. It is important to carefully review the driver's license and minimum age requirements for each car rental offer before making a booking. Specific information regarding these requirements is mentioned in the details of each offer.

Electric vehicles are indeed becoming more popular in Mauritius, but rental agencies are still under-equipped, and the island's charging infrastructure is not yet well-developed. Therefore, it is still not recommended to rent an electric model in Mauritius at this time.

The deductible for a rental car is the maximum amount you have to pay to the rental agency in case of an accident for which you are responsible or if no third party is identified. The specific conditions may vary from one rental agency to another, but in practice, if you scratch the car, for example, two scenarios may occur:

  • If the repair cost is higher than the deductible amount, you will only pay the deductible amount.
  • If the repair cost is lower, you will pay the actual repair cost.

To avoid any unexpected expenses, you have the option to subscribe to our "deductible reimbursement" option, which allows you to be reimbursed for the deductible amount and avoid unpleasant surprises. However, it is important to note that prices for spare parts in Mauritius are often significantly higher than in mainland France, sometimes even double the price.

In Mauritius, the price at the pump is the same at all gas stations. It is set monthly by government decision, so there is no need to compare rates. Additionally, most gas stations on the island offer a free pump attendant service to assist you in filling up your tank.