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Mahé is the biggest island in the archipelago and you will need a rental car to make the most of the numerous dream sports! The rental agencies from the Rentîles network are directly on-site and offer you more competitive prices than the big international companies!

Do you need a car in Mahé on the Seychelles islands?

How to rent a car in Mahé

Location Voiture MaheThis rental agency proposes to deliver your car directly at your place of residence on the Mahé island. Otherwise, you can find available collection points in Victoria, the airport and in the portEnter directly your delivery address for the car just before the checkout. An agent will deliver your car directly to the specified address, it’s simple, it’s practical and it’s cheap!

Driving in the Seychelles is not particularly dangerous, however, if it rains, be careful as the roads are really narrow and twisty.Driving is on the left side of the road in the Seychelles, but don’t be afraid, the traffic is not heavy and the drivers are extremely patient. Select carefully the choice of gearbox you want during the booking, most of the cars are equipped with an automatic gearbox in the Seychelles.

Discovering and visiting Mahé

MahéMahé is one of the Seychelles islands to have a proper road network, therefore it’s highly recommended to rent a car in that place.
Numerous paradise beaches are waiting for you as well as a large quantity of historical places. The nature is lush and certain animal species living here are extremely rare. Mahé is a dream place for hikers! The sea lovers will be delighted thanks to many activities such as the game fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling.
The city of Victoria is the island capital, don’t miss here the Hindu temple and its multi-coloured sculpted roof and its very typical creole streets as the evidence of the colonial past. Don’t forget to come back home from the Seychelles with your very typical picture near Big Ben!